What is Dining Fine?

Through most of my career I’ve focused on fine dining, sure I’ve done my time in a pub or two, a bit of institutional cooking, even tried out front of house for a time ( too much paperwork out there!). But dining fine can be all and none of these things because dining fine can even be at home. Even my husband, Kyle, has his own name for it “Epic Meal”.

Dining fine can be a simple meal at the end of a long day at work, it can be made by the company kept or it can be a huge production. All of these things and more I hope to embody with this blog.

I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I can be a food snob, which is not nearly as horrible as it sounds. Sometimes it’s because I have developed a taste for something with a big price tag, sometimes it’s because fresh is simply better and sometimes it’s because I can’t stand to see good, simple food done poorly or given an overly pretentious treatment. Alright and sometimes it’s just because I don’t have control over the dish, I sometimes struggle with dining out for mostly that very reason.

But dining fine should also encompass an understanding of the food being eaten and where it came from. What choices are better for flavour, health and environment and how you treat those foods.

Dining fine summed up : It’s everything that makes eating an experience and not just an exercise of survival.


Instant Pot Chili

If you don’t know what the Instant Pot is, it is an electric pressure cooker. I’ve only just recently gotten myself one (it was a black Friday present to myself and Christmas was too crazy for much cooking at home) but so far I’m really enjoying discovering what it can do. So since I’m discovering it and I have a blog, why not take you all along with me right?

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Sous Vide Egg Bites

So for Christmas I finally got a sous vide set up!  After much research I had decided on the Anova Precision Cooker.   Why did I decide on this one?  Great reviews, a good stable app, it also works with Google Home, WiFi and Bluetooth (remember I’m a geek!) and it has more than enough capacity for our uses here at home.  The sale on boxing day also didn’t hurt it’s chances with me.

I’ve spent some time toying with it, regrettably not enough; but free time is limited in my life.  Steak has been a popular sous vide item so far but I wanted to try these little egg bites that I’ve seen around.

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Grazing Stations Pt.3

Lots of vegetables for an event of approx. 400 guests.

Grazing stations come in all different forms which is why there gets to be so much creativity. So what’s the difference between a grazing station and a buffet? Grazing is the new fad term. At least that’s my humble opinion. Not that it’s been a bad thing, the evolution of buffets to these beautiful spreads is definitely a good thing (not stealing anyone’s catch phrases here).

High Tea

A ladies tea with finger sandwiches, lots of little sweets and scones with flavoured butters.

So what recipe and tips to dive into now?

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Grazing Stations Pt. 2

Picking up where we left off last time, which if you haven’t read up check out part one and an Alice in Wonderland themed grazing table.

Bridal Shower

This table was for a Sunday afternoon event and it has a little bit of everything to please a diverse crowd. But it does the job of showing off some of the upcoming tips I’ve got!

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Grazing Stations

Grazing Stations are something I love working with for a few reasons

  • They’re so much fun!
  • They let myself and the team have some creative free rein
  • They can work with any theme
  • What a great way to let people taste a little bit of a lot of things, some of them new
  • They’re a great gathering point at a party

There is so much that can be going on with one of these, I think this is a really great starting point for a little series of posts highlighting the simple to the more involved aspects including recipes and ideas.

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