It’s funny sometimes how an idea starts. This one started with an innocent comment by my mother-in-law and I hope will blossom into a place where I can share my love of food, thoughts on the hospitality industry and hopefully more than a few recipes.

I thought I might start this off with a little introduction, a short resume of sorts. My name is Jolene, yes just like the song, and since 2004 I’ve been working in kitchens. In 2007 I graduated culinary school with high honours and with only a momentary pause to ask myself if I was sure I wanted to work long hours in hot kitchens, every holiday, every weekend, in a male dominated industry, I dove in head first and never looked back.

I’ve worked hard to not only find, but get some very unique positions and opportunities, I’m the type of person who thrives on a challenge and lives on adrenaline (at least the work related sort), so I’m actually frequently pleased to step out of my comfort zone and tinker in the kitchen. I also love lists and logistics (big shocker I trained to be a computer programmer and network admin as my first career) so planning every second of my day to be productive is actually fun to me. I swear I’m not as boring as that sounds!

Currently and for the past 4 years I’ve been a Sous Chef, it’s a position I enjoy in the kitchen and to be perfectly honest I could probably be happy remaining at this level. Don’t misunderstand it’s not a lack of ambition, I’ve had plenty of that my entire life, it’s not any thing as silly as thinking I can’t cut it either. It is knowing myself; I know that I would dedicate myself to my kitchen as executive Chef, I would suffer and my personal life would suffer.

On the personal life side, I have a wonderful husband who married me despite my crazy career choice and knowing full well that Christmas for a chef is sometime after January 2nd, every other holiday is just another day on the calendar with maybe a few extra covers, and that the baggage I carry includes some several hundred pounds worth of cookbooks and kitchen equipment. On the upside, he married a Chef and that apparently gives him bragging rights.

I have a bunch of hobbies including scrapbooking, knitting, video games, role playing games; do you see a pattern for the creative here?

My husband and I share our lives and our little apartment in Toronto, ontario with our three cats and two rabbits! All of them rescues and every one of them with huge personalities.

My life is indeed very full and at most times more than a little hectic but I wouldn’t trade any of it even on the worst days. And now I look forward to adding one more thing to my busy life with this blog.