One thing I love about my job is that even if it is never acknowledged, I get to be a part of special events, once in a life time moments for a lot of people. It makes me feel good and those special days come in many forms.  No one event trumps another, whether its the the couple that scrapes together every penny to have a simple meal and a great celebration with family or the well off family that pulls out all the stops for their son’s bar mitzvah, they get the same attention to detail from me. No one is more important, all of them are equally important.

Most of my time in my new position is split between weddings, and member functions and dining. I put my all into each of them, from the simple sandwich at lunch (a tuna sandwich is infinitely better with a dash of cayenne pepper) to the 200 guest wedding with all the upgrades. Tonight was the latter of those, now for some facilities 200 is a laugh. I’ve worked at places where that’s a laugh. But here logistics are a little different with older equipment and equipment I’m still learning the quirks of, every meal is a bit of a test of my quick thinking and in some cases damage control. No damage control tonight, it was a beautiful service and I’m so proud of my team. (And yes I was sure to tell them just that, and that things can only get better from here)

One of the first changes I made was to the late night menus. Previously they were using, well, lazy pizza for late night. Now I come in every Saturday morning and I make fresh focaccia pizza and traditional crust pizza. Remember that tidbit about my planetary mixer being down? Yeah pizza dough kneaded by hand at 9am. That’s my daily work out!
But the results are worth it. Granted I’m still working on these recipes, tweaking the salt content, the rise and sometimes the baking with my rather finicky ovens.

But what smells better at 11am than freshly baked bread!


Not quite right yet but still Delicious!

Not the greatest picture as it was snapped right before the servers swept it away for the late night table, but a basic cheese pizza made infinitely better by being house made with House made sauce even!

No recipe today, but soon I’ll be content with it and make another post.

Happy eating!