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I have this habit to relax, I go onto the internet and I link surf cooking blogs and websites.  Yes, that is me relaxing; looking at food porn.

Tonight I stumbled on something that appears so downright amazing that after over a year of not blogging I had to make a post (as it turns out being an Executive Chef with a husband and a herd of pets leaves little time for blogging).


Weird little name isn’t it, aqua meaning water and faba meaning bean. Literally bean water, specifically the liquid/liquor/brine from beans cooked at greater than 100 degrees Celsius.  When it is reduced to a consistency similar to a natural egg white, it can then be whipped.

Without the addition of lecithin or any other gum this aquafaba can actually be whipped like an egg white, with some limitations. When was this discovery made? Apparently early this year. Now I’m going to have to try my hand at making Vegan Macaroons.

While I’m not a vegan myself, I do know several people in my life who are. Also, if something can be made vegan without people knowing the difference and without adding in anything strange, I will happily start using that method.  Ethics for a Chef can be difficult, balancing what you believe, what your career will tolerate and what people want.  This however might be one great leap forward in that struggle.

Check it out for yourself, see what you think while I go out and buy myself some beans.