What is Dining Fine?

Through most of my career I’ve focused on fine dining, sure I’ve done my time in a pub or two, a bit of institutional cooking, even tried out front of house for a time ( too much paperwork out there!). But dining fine can be all and none of these things because dining fine can even be at home. Even my husband, Kyle, has his own name for it “Epic Meal”.

Dining fine can be a simple meal at the end of a long day at work, it can be made by the company kept or it can be a huge production. All of these things and more I hope to embody with this blog.

I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I can be a food snob, which is not nearly as horrible as it sounds. Sometimes it’s because I have developed a taste for something with a big price tag, sometimes it’s because fresh is simply better and sometimes it’s because I can’t stand to see good, simple food done poorly or given an overly pretentious treatment. Alright and sometimes it’s just because I don’t have control over the dish, I sometimes struggle with dining out for mostly that very reason.

But dining fine should also encompass an understanding of the food being eaten and where it came from. What choices are better for flavour, health and environment and how you treat those foods.

Dining fine summed up : It’s everything that makes eating an experience and not just an exercise of survival.


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