Well hello out there!  If you’ve clicked onto this page I guess you’re expecting to hear a little bit about me. I’m not great at talking about myself; but I’m not bad at talking about my passion – FOOD! (I guess that’s why I have a blog about it)

My name is Jolene Poore and I’m a cook by trade, a Chef by hard work and a foodie out of love.  I also happen to be a wife, a gamer, a bit of a geek and generally a pretty curious mind.

I didn’t come into being a cook until after the dotcom bubble blew up, originally I trained in IT and I was pretty good at it; it just wasn’t meant to be.  Those skills have remained extremely useful and they’re a pretty big part of the fun in my life, that’d be the geek in me.

For the last 15 years though I’ve immersed myself in the hospitality industry and being a cook.  I’ve worked hard to bring myself up through the ranks and gain a broad experience in restaurants, hotels, banquet halls, golf clubs, private clubs, I even took a shot at front of house management.   I enjoy developing recipes, toying with flavours and textures to give a great experience with food but I also really love classics and comfort.  It’s all good food and I hope to show off a bunch of it here along with some of my musings about the industry and being a Chef.

So I hope you enjoy along with me and much as in my professional life my door is always open, part of having earned the title of Chef is sharing and teaching.

Open Door Policy! Drop me a note, ask me a question.