Menus and Graphic Works

I love writing menus and I figured why not have a spot on my blog dedicated to my menus?  I frequently have also been responsible for the design and layout of the printed menus as well as some marketing material and maybe by posting these other people can get ideas or give something new a try.  I also wouldn’t object to being given tips by people more experienced than myself on improving this aspect of things.  I typically use GIMP to do basic work and I have been teaching myself to use Adobe Indesign.

A Winter 2016 Lunch Menu for a historic early 1900’s facility.  I designed this one to try and match the ambiance of the building.



DinnermenuNewsletter Edition
A dinner menu. This was a big challenge of a menu because dinner was by reservations in a private club. I needed to work with items that could be prepared and held without loosing quality and that could be kept on hand for last minute call-ins.  Not your typical restaurant environment but I think it worked out well.


A pre-theater menu for early spring 2017.  This was part of a arrangement with a local theater group so reservations were set in advance.


Another pre-theater menu this one was a late fall 2016 I believe.


St.Patricks Menu 2017 Website
Pretty straight forward  St. Patrick’s day  single day specials menu.


artdeco menufinished
This menu is an example of me learning. I loved it, it looked fantastic….on a computer.  In print though,  it was difficult to read and the art-deco just didn’t work out how I wanted it to.  But it was part of what eventually led to the first set of menus on this page.


Surf and Turf Poster Blog
A bit of marketing material I put together in 2017 with a partial menu. I loved doing this event and attendees seemed to enjoy it too. (I have blacked out contact information)


My very first shot at marketing material in 2015.


This was a simple bit of online marketing for 2016